Residency Rembrandt Atelier

Casper on his stay in Leiden's "Rembrandt Atelier";

Another big upside to the renovation of my new studio… In search of a temporary work space, we came across this beautiful house, Langebrug 89 in Leiden.

It’s where Jacob van Swanenburgh lived and worked. And taught painting. To Rembrandt. Rembrandt and Jan Lievens were here. Painting and all, starting their immense mastery and oeuvre's…

The city of Leiden is planning a renovation to make it a permanent Rembrandt landmark. In the meantime, I can work here until my own studio is finished.

No need to tell I'm stoked and curious what inspiring spirits are still around ;)

I’ll leave the door open on Saturdays in May so you can all come take a look.

Thanks for the opportunity Cultuurfonds Leiden Leiden, Stad van Ontdekkingen Centrummanagement Leiden